Event Program Resources

► Certificates, Evaluations, and Handouts are now available through piedmontahec.org.

  1. Go to piedmontahec.org, sign in, and click on the “My Courses and Events” button

  2. Click the “Open” button to access the handouts.

  3. You will see a list of the handouts.

  4. Click on the handout name to access the download button.

  5. Once the event ends, click the “Complete Evaluation” button.

  6. After you complete the evaluation questions and submit the information, you will receive a Thank You message with a link to request your certificate.

Program materials are typically available online one week before and one week after the scheduled educational event.

► Online Evaluation & Certificate Availability

Once an event has ended, your certificate will be accessible online within two business days.

For a copy of an earlier certificate before 2022, go to: https://www.ahectools.com/myce.aspx?a=5

► Looking for a record of your continuing professional development (CPD) courses?