N.C. Agromedicine Institute Online Series

N.C. Agromedicine Institute Online Series

The North Carolina Agromedicine Institute series of online courses provides opportunities for healthcare professionals to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the unique safety and health needs of farmers, farmworkers, fishermen, and foresters. Learners may access training from their office, clinic, or home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. N.C. Agromedicine Institute, in partnership with agricultural safety and health experts across the United States, has developed these programs. The Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention at the University of Kentucky made the site possible with funds from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. Whenever possible, programs draw from actual (deidentified) cases reviewed by the Institute to provide relevant, practice-based examples that illustrate particular situations, problems, or concerns that may arise in the professional environment. The Institute has partnered with Piedmont AHEC to offer these courses, which are modeled on the not-for-profit regional AHEC programs and specialize in producing high-quality, certified, continuing education for health professionals.

Free Courses include:

  1. ASHCE: Aging in Agriculture: 1-Normal Aging in Agricultural Population
  2. ASHCE: Aging in Agriculture: 2-Aging Alterations in Agricultural Populations
  3. ASHCE: Aging in Agriculture: 3-Assessing the Safety and Health of Aging Agricultural Populations
  4. ASHCE: Respiratory Illnesses in Agricultural Populations
  5. ASHCE: Respiratory Medical Evaluation
  6. ASHCE: Injuries from Physical Agents: Vibration and Thermal Exposure
  7. ASHCE: Agricultural Behavioral Healthcare for Family Farm Systems
  8. ASHCE: Agricultural Behavioral Healthcare for Family Farm Systems - The Farmworkers
  9. ASHCE: Occupational Health Assessment & Care
  10. ASHCE: Tractor-Related Agricultural Trauma
  11. ASHCE: Veterinary Biologicals & Regulatory Oversight
  12. ASHCE: Animal & Consumer Safety Practices

About The NC Agromedicine Institute Online Courses

The North Carolina Agromedicine Institute is an inter-institutional partnership among East Carolina University, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, and North Carolina State University. Sanctioned by the University Of North Carolina Board Of Governors in 1999, the Institute’s mission is to promote the health and safety of farmers, fishermen, and foresters through research, prevention/intervention, and education/outreach. Educating and expanding the capacity of healthcare professionals to correctly identify, prevent and treat agricultural occupational and environmental-related illnesses and injuries is essential to the success of this mission.

We look forward to working with you to ensure that agricultural populations in your community are as safe and healthy as possible!