Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development

As recognized providers of quality continuing education for over 45 years, we are experts at assembling the appropriate stakeholders, conducting effective needs assessments, and producing, delivering, and evaluating innovative and cost-effective education and training in multiple modalities. We enjoy a position of trust with many professional accreditation boards in the state who have accepted the AHEC contact hour/CEU as a "seal of approval" for educational programs. We are involved with program planning from the beginning to ensure the programs we provide credit for are meeting established guidelines for audience assessment, program objectives, and evaluation, as well as faculty requirements for unbiased, evidence-based presentations.

Suppose you are interested in partnering with Piedmont AHEC. In that case, we look forward to learning more about your educational activity and exploring ways we can support you to achieve the best possible outcomes for the learners. Piedmont AHEC promotes cultural inclusion and diversity in all of our programs. Fees vary depending on which AHEC services we provide and what types of credit are offered. At Piedmont AHEC, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality and most affordable continuing education.

To partner with Piedmont AHEC for a Continuing Education Event:

Please complete and submit our CPD Partnership Inquiry Form at least four months before your anticipated event date. Our Educational Activity Review Committee will consider your request for its alignment with our mission, strategic objectives, and resource availability. A representative will contact you to discuss the next steps.

Visit our Conference Management page for more information about partnering with Piedmont AHEC.

To serve as Continuing Professional Development Faculty:

Please complete and submit the CPD Faculty Interest Form.