Student Services

Student Services

The North Carolina Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) Program has established a Student Services office in the state's nine AHECs in response to a shift toward community-based primary care education. Student Services aims to facilitate and enhance high-quality health-profession student training in community settings. Students in medical, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, and Pharm D programs in North Carolina schools are currently being precepted by the Piedmont AHEC region health professionals.

Student Services at Piedmont AHEC provides housing for health professions students during their community clinical experiences available across an 8-county region in North Carolina. In 2023, Piedmont AHEC assisted 146 students in securing housing for 4,784 nights. Piedmont AHEC manages the details by coordinating housing and clinical placements to facilitate and enhance high-quality health-profession student training in community settings.


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Student Services provides housing for health professions students during their community clinical experiences.

Joseph Moo-Young

Joseph Moo-Young, MD

“I appreciated how seamless the process for requesting and using housing was. When I was busy in the hospital with clinical learning and patient care activities, having safe, accessible, and convenient housing at the end of the day was something that helped make my student experience even better.”
– Joseph Moo-Young, MD, UNC School of Medicine alum

Follow the Steps Below to Obtain Piedmont AHEC Housing

Step 1

Complete and submit the Student Housing Agreement Form. This form can be submitted online.

Step 2

You must complete an online housing application. All requests for AHEC student housing must be made through the statewide MyAHEC website at The site will instruct you to create an online account, and you can select the AHEC region(s) where you need housing. This process requires that you apply for your own housing; a school/course coordinator will not be able to apply for housing on your behalf.

Step 3

A $50 security deposit is required for all housing applicants. You may either send in a check or pay by credit card.
By Check: Payable to Piedmont AHEC
Send to ATTN: Student Services, Piedmont AHEC, 1200 N. Elm Street, Greensboro, NC 27401. Please include your rotation dates on the memo line of the check.
By Credit Card: Submit the Security Deposit Form to (a security deposit form will be emailed before check-in).

Housing is on a first-come, first-served basis.

As housing is limited, please submit these forms as soon as possible after your rotation assignment has been scheduled and is definite. All forms and payments must be received in the Piedmont AHEC office before housing can be confirmed and keys issued. You will receive a housing confirmation by email approximately 3-4 weeks before your rotation begins, provided all forms and deposits have been received.

Your security deposit will be forfeited if:

  • Housing is not canceled within 72 hours of your rotation beginning date, and you are considered a no-show
  • Keys are not properly returned at the end of the rotation
  • All requirements listed in the Piedmont AHEC Housing Agreement are not adhered to

Please note: We will not process your $50 security deposit if the items on the housing agreement are adhered to. Checks and credit card information will be destroyed, and payments will not be processed.

NOTE: Effective Sunday, October 31, 2021, all students must be fully immunized to gain or continue access to NC AHEC student housing.

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Per the CDC definition of "fully immunized," – all students must have completed their vaccine series (2 doses for Pfizer or Moderna) or single vaccine (for Johnson and Johnson) 14 days before arriving at NC AHEC student housing. You will be asked to attest to this as part of your application process, and you should be prepared to present, upon request, evidence of immunization for COVID-19. Students who cannot provide such evidence or fraudulent documentation will be asked to vacate AHEC housing immediately. Your school will be notified, and any future requests for AHEC student housing may not be approved.

Please consider the above requirements before submitting your application. You are not required to use AHEC housing, and you can cancel any existing housing request (at least five days before your housing arrival) through your online MYAHEC account.

Some regional AHECs may have additional requirements or may recognize exceptions to this requirement. Once your application has been received, the local AHEC will notify you of any exceptions, requirements, or documentation. Still, all students should be prepared to show proof of vaccination or exception before arriving at your housing location.

For the latest COVID-19 information, go to

Please remember:
A. If you have symptoms of the COVID-19 virus (fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, please be considerate of others and do not use AHEC housing.

  • Notify your school's student health office immediately and follow their guidelines. We recommend that you review and understand the language of your health plan since host institutions often do not provide coverage for the expenses students may incur during the evaluation or treatment of an acute illness.
  • Notify the AHEC that you are canceling your housing request (you/your school will not be charged for the cancellation)

B. Before returning to AHEC housing:

  • Students who have previously tested positive for COVID-19 and demonstrated symptoms must not occupy AHEC Housing within ten days of the onset of symptoms. Furthermore, these students must also demonstrate that they have been afebrile for 72 hours with no use of fever-lowering medications and exhibit no other symptoms.
  • Students who have tested positive for COVID and have remained asymptomatic must not occupy AHEC Housing within 14 days of the positive test result.

C. Students with canceled clinical experiences must cancel their housing application immediately. If the student is already on-site, we ask you to vacate immediately.

D. Take responsibility for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in YOUR student housing. AHEC housing is cleaned monthly, insufficient to avoid the current virus. Students should:

  • Bring Lysol, Clorox, disinfectant wipes, etc., with you.
  • Daily, wipe surface areas, tables, door handles, light switches, sinks, etc.

E. If you test positive or have significant exposure to the coronavirus while staying in AHEC housing or contract the virus within two weeks after leaving AHEC housing, notify the local AHEC Housing coordinator immediately. They will collect and share more information with AHEC leadership to determine the next steps. Local AHECs comply with the latest state reporting guidelines, and current housemates may also be informed.

For the latest COVID-19 information, go to

Housing Sites

We have housing sites available in several of our communities throughout the Piedmont AHEC region. A description of the housing accommodations and directions, what the proprietor expects, what is provided, and/or what you need to bring with you is listed under each housing community and in the Downloads section below. Students will receive a text link to complete a survey upon vacating housing.


Piedmont AHEC maintains one co-ed apartment (three bedrooms) in the Asheboro area for male and female students. We can house six students in the apartment. *Keys can be picked up from the Apartment Manager Monday-Friday only; the office is closed on the weekends.* Please refer to your housing confirmation for detailed instructions.

You can pick up your keys from:
Madison Heights Apartments (336) 672-3404, 2282 N. Fayetteville St., Asheboro, NC 27203.

Please call the property office before checking in. Email address:
The Asheboro Housing PDF is found below in the Downloads section.


Eight apartments in Greensboro, Burlington, and High Point accommodate students on rotation. These apartments fill quickly and stay full most of the time. All of the apartments are almost identical in the description. We highly recommend you apply for housing in the Greensboro area as soon as possible after scheduling your rotation through your school. After receiving your housing application and housing agreement, the Piedmont AHEC Housing Coordinator will determine housing availability. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail approximately 3-4 weeks before your rotation begin date. Apartment numbers will be assigned before check-in. Note: A $50 security deposit is required before apartments are assigned.


Student Housing Kitchen Example

Above and below: Woodland Heights Apartments, Reidsville

Student Housing Living Room Example

Piedmont AHEC maintains one co-ed apartment (three bedrooms) in Reidsville, accommodating up to 6 male or female students. Housing is limited for students on rotation in the Reidsville or Eden areas.

*Keys can be picked up from the Apartment Manager Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm only; the office is closed on weekends.*

Please refer to your housing confirmation for detailed instructions. Woodland Heights Apartments-810 Lawndale Dr. Reidsville NC, 27320. Please call the office before checking in. See the features and amenities in the Reidsville Housing PDF in the Downloads section below.


The wireless network in the AHEC apartments is free for students. The username and password are listed on the housing confirmation. The AHEC office is not responsible for providing technical support for your computer devices as this must come from the manufacturer or issuing body. Our servicer, Spectrum, will provide support if there is a technical connection issue. Spectrum's customer service number is 1-866-892-4249.

Download the Internet Usage Agreement Form

Please note: Students assigned to Burlington will be housed in Greensboro. Occasionally, when housing is at full capacity in Reidsville, you will be assigned to Greensboro based on availability.

The Greensboro Housing Description PDF is found below in the Downloads box.