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PLEASE NOTE: Greensboro AHEC is now known as Piedmont AHEC. The organization’s name changed on February 1, 2023.

Now Available in the AHEC Digital Library: New eBook Collections

The NC AHEC Digital Library now offers new curated eBook collections.

Ebooks NC AHEC Digital Library
NC AHEC Library

NC AHEC Digital Library

Thanks to funding from the SECU Foundation, a new collection of 200 curated eBooks has been added to the North Carolina AHEC Digital Library. These eBooks, accessible by all ADL members, provide clinical and research support along with evidence-based recommendations to equip providers with what they need to deliver care and successfully navigate changes in healthcare environments.

These new resources include the:

  • COVID Collection: Titles related to infection control, epidemiology, public health preparedness, and pandemics
  • Health Equity Collection: 43 titles on topics such as cultural responsiveness, research equity, health justice, and community engagement
  • Clinical Nursing Collection: 134 titles covering a variety of clinical specialties, including nursing, healthcare management, trauma, and vaccine safety

To access, log in to the NC AHEC Digital Library and click on the New Books link.

For questions or for access to the NC AHEC Digital Library, contact the Medical Library at

For more information about Greensboro AHEC Library Services or the Cone Health Medical Library, please contact Medical Library Director Ed Donnald, MLS, at 336.832.7484 or

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