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November 16, 2023

NC Health Talent Alliance 

Piedmont AHEC Launches Talent Pipeline Management

GREENSBORO — In response to the growing gap between job demand and talent supply the healthcare industry is experiencing, public and private institutions have aligned in a landmark partnership determined to address the pressing nature of the issue. NC AHEC has joined forces with the NC Center on the Workforce for Health, NCIOM, Sheps Center, and the NC Chamber Foundation to implement a strategic plan designed to create a robust and sustainable generation of healthcare professionals. Through the partnership an initiative known as the NC Health Talent Alliance was launched in an effort to address the critical needs in the healthcare sector. The AHEC mission, “to recruit, train, and retain the workforce needed to create a healthier North Carolina”, aligned with the mission of the initiative and provided the structure needed to deploy solutions regionally.

Piedmont AHEC is one of the regional AHECs across the state participating in the NC Health Talent Alliance and will focus on Alamance, Caswell, Chatham, Guilford, Montgomery, Orange, Randolph, and Rockingham counties. In July, Piedmont AHEC hired the first person in the state dedicated to the initiative. Dana Millikan joined the team as the Regional TPM Manager and is collaborating with state and regional partners to help remedy the challenges currently threatening the strength of North Carolina’s healthcare sector. With her extensive background in healthcare and project management, Dana will guide employers and education partners through the proven process of TPM.

TPM® (Talent Pipeline Management) is a framework developed by the US Chamber and it focuses on forming employer-led “collaboratives” that use their regional demand data to form solutions with talent providers. The process encompasses identifying and clearly communicating workforce needs, aggregating demand-driven critical job data, fostering strong partnerships between employers and educators, and employing a robust methodology to ensure alignment and action between all parties involved. Ultimately, the result of this long-term effort culminates in employers receiving higher volume of quality talent, learners securing access to well-paying careers, and strong relationships with educators.

Piedmont AHEC is excited to join the NC Health Talent Alliance and facilitate the creation of long-term solutions that address workforce shortages within North Carolina’s healthcare sector. Most importantly, the results of this initiative will exemplify the overall mission of the NC AHEC by developing and supporting the workforce to create a healthier North Carolina. Within the next 18 months, the NC Health Talent Alliance will create at least four formalized pilot programs in different regions across the state and within three years the partnership will expand across the entire state. Learn more about the initiative through the May 2023 press release and the TPM one-pager on the NC Chamber website.

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